Gemini Hotel Messonghi Corfu

The Hotels

A huge range of excellent hotels, with great facilities, according to the Greek Organization of Tourism (GOT). There are available rooms with one, two, three beds and family rooms.

The available hotels has received many customers over the years in its friendly and relaxing environment and they all fell in love with it.

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You taught me the alphabet of love,
The prayer book of beauty
The melody of the skies, the humming of the stars,
The inner light of the flowers,
The colorful depths of the dream

(Orestis Aleksakis, ‘Salute to Corfu’)


The sea speaks with a hidden voice
A voice that enters our hearts
And moves them
And makes them rejoice…

(K. P. Kavafis)

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If you decide to book one of the available hotels, we’ll try to offer you the best hospitality services so that you’ll spend your days in a warm and friendly family environment. Both the staff and the management will try to make all your dreams come true so that you’ll remember your holidays for the rest of your lives.